Pet Squad Racing

Pet Squad Racing is a cute, fast-paced little racing game for one to four players.



It is made in Unreal Engine 4 and is out for PC on Steam Early Access.





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Be very small and very fast in a big world!


Take control over a cute small pet and set off in your trusty toy car into a familiar but large world!


Challenge friends in local multiplayer or set new records and complete missions in single player.

Pet Squad Racing Multiplayer Game Development Tomas Lif Racing Steam


Need a break from all the excitement?


Why not spend a couple of minutes customizing your small pet-drivers?

Pet Squad Racing was released on STEAM early-access 7th of October 2017!

Please keep en eye out for updates about us!


If you are curious feel free to drop me, the developer, a line via the contact form on this page, or find us on Facebook!