Here is a collection of random but perhaps interesting creations of mine.


I will write a short comment about every section so please enjoy.




Because who doesn't love LEGO, also who can stop themselves from modeling and setting up a little LEGO character and pieces?


Not me apparently.


High and Low-poly models done in Maya.

Bakes in Xnormal, textures done with Gimp.



The funniest thing was trying to come up with a functioning system for eye-blinks and facial expressions.


I ended up learning about the flipbook-function and used that to loop different animations on the head models second UV channel.

(Second UV channel is used only for the face details and animations.)


Concerning Mice


My kinda dream project to work on in the future.

Been writing and planning it for years, lol.


Just need to be more stable in my income because it's gonna take a long time to set up and get working.


Nevertheless, I sometimes make little concepts and mock-ups for it.


(Was the first project I started working on in Unreal Engine 4.)