I worked for almost 4 years at Avalanche Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, before I decided to move on.


I started out as an intern and ended my time there as Art-lead for theHunter.


TheHunter is a hunting simulation game developed on the in-house engine.


My main area was characters and clothing, but I also worked on props, weapons and environments.


The main tools I used while working on theHunter was Z-brush, Autodesk Maya, Xnormal and Photoshop.


I also did some work on theHunter: Primal.


TheHunter: Primal started out as a hobby project of mine and a couple of colleagues who found the thought of hunting dinosaurs very fitting.


The idea got pitched and approved.


In the end my main contribution for the game was the characters I had worked on prior to the in house development.